The villa was built in the founding style in the years 1885/86 by Gustav-Friedrich Austel (1818-1891) and his wife Ida-Franziska Austel, née Woller (1831-1909).
The Austel family was an old, wealthy and respected farming family in the then independent community of Niederzwönitz.
You donated part of your wealth to the poor in the form of legacies.
Until the 1950s, Dr. med. W. F. Ullrich, a descendant of the Austel family, on the lower floor of the villa where our restaurant is located.
After the Second World War, the Russian city command was briefly housed in the villa.
In the GDR, the villa was first used as an office building and later as an apprentice residence for the local LPG (agricultural production cooperative).
Since the reunification, after it was returned to the city administration, the interior and exterior areas have been extensively renovated.
We have been running the in-house restaurant since 1994.
Between 2008 and 2010 the first floor in the house (Beletage) was extensively renovated and used as a
Restaurant expanded.

The “Rarity Collection Bruno Gebhardt” museum is located on the 2nd floor of the Austel Villa.